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Funeral Services


Maison Henri de Borniol places a premium value on perfection and tradition.

In addition to arranging  beskope ceremonies, we offer multiple services designed  to respectfully celebrate the memory of your departed loved one. Each arrangement is a comprehensive package of services tailored to your wishes.


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Exemplary seamless funeral arrangements, reflecting your traditions and values.

Planning ahead

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Personalized planning solutions to finance and organize funerals in advance.

Monuments and headstones

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Creation or restoration of monuments and headstones to celebrate the memory of the dearly departed.

Commemorations and tributes

Maison Henri de Borniol is a trusted partner for the arrangement of ceremonies for individuals, as well as official events such as national commemorations, receptions or protocol services.

Les commémorations et hommages
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Maison Henri de Borniol will be by your side every step of the way in arranging personalized services.

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Funeral services, commemorations, receptions and official ceremonies… A seamless experience harmoniously combines rules of decorum and extensive knowledge of protocol services.

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And, as always, for each ceremony we undertake, Maison Henri de Borniol affords the utmost respect to your values and traditions.

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