Commemorations and tributes

Perfect command of protocol, highest standards applied at all levels, insistence on flawless execution...all qualities establishing Maison Henri de Borniol as the leading planner of major official ceremonies, commemorations and tributes.

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A dedicated protocol department

Henri de Borniol is the only funeral service provider to have its own continuously available protocol department. Doubling down with impeccable logistics and a constant demand for perfection, Maison Henri de Borniol settles for nothing less than excellence in the orchestration of official ceremonies with all the solemn bearing and discretion befitting such events.

Renowned for our one-of-a-kind expertise, we regularly work with high-level Institutions: Paris City Hall, Institut de France, the DMPA (Directorate for Remembrance, Heritage and Archives), Hôtel des Invalides, the Paris Nunciature, the De Gaulle Foundation, etc.


Exceptional ceremonies for exceptional figures

  • Panthéon burials

Maison Henri de Borniol has experienced the honour of organising one of the most remarkable ceremonies in recent memory: the burial of Simone Veil and her husband, Antoine Veil, in the iconic Panthéon mausoleum, at the request of the CMN (National Monuments Centre).

It was our mission to ensure that every detail was planned to perfection with a view to honouring the legacy of Simone Veil and paying an appropriate tribute to her family. 

Previously, in May 2015, Maison Borniol had arranged to have the ashes of four illustrious members of the Resistance to the Panthéon: Germaine Tillion, Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz, Pierre Brossolette and Jean Zay.

Before them, we accompanied other celebrated figures on their journey, including Jean Moulin, René Cassin, Pierre and Marie Curie and André Malraux, securing their well-earned place in History.

Maison Henri de Borniol has presided over eight flawless Panthéon burials in its time.


  • Military commemorations

All French citizens firmly believe that the memory of those who have fought for their Country and for Freedom deserves to be honoured. Victory in Europe Day, Armistice Day and the Appeal of 18 June are dates that will forever be held in our hearts and minds. Maison Henri de Borniol works closely with Institutions and associations to pay tribute to these memories with grandeur and solemn respect.


  • Exceptional ceremonies

On occasion, Maison Henri de Borniol assists with the planning of exceptional ceremonies, such as the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ election, attended by religious dignitaries and ambassadors.

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