Funeral process

There are many formalities to be completed when a loved one passes away. Maison Henri de Borniol Advisors work closely with the family and friends of the deceased, handling all the necessary formalities and administrative procedures with efficiency and discretion.

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Reporting the death

A doctor prepares the death certificate, which is then filed with the City Clerk’s Office in the jurisdiction where the death occurred. If the death occurs abroad, it must be reported to the local authorities and, if possible, to the French Consulate. Maison de Borniol takes care of all these formalities.

Depending on the circumstances, once the death has been reported, the deceased may be transferred to the morgue of a local health care facility, to the funeral home or to the family home.

If the family so chooses, the deceased may remain in the family home in accordance with tradition. Our Funeral Advisors will help the family prepare the room for the viewing.

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Preparing and personalising the ceremony

Maison Henri de Borniol takes into consideration the specific requests of the deceased’s friends and family and makes every effort to satisfy their wishes. Our Funeral Advisors are attentive to the family’s wishes, and are happy to offer their advice and suggestions to personalize the ceremony.

Burial or cremation? While burial is the tradition in France, cremation is increasingly chosen.  Our Funeral Advisors are well-versed in the rules and customs of burial and cremation, and can help guide the family in the choice to be made.

The next step is to prepare the civil or religious ceremony. Maison Henri de Borniol is deeply committed to planning a ceremony that meets the client’s expectations in every way. 

After working extensively with the family to understand exactly what its wishes and requests entail, the ceremony is planned down to the last detail: procession, placement of the remains in the place of worship, personalized tributes, readings, music, flowers, etc.

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Orchestrating the ceremony

On the day of the funeral, the family and guests are welcomed with all the dignity and respect they deserve. Maison Henri de Borniol handles the placement of the remains in the place of worship or civil ceremony hall with the utmost care and unrivalled professionalism.


Sending obituary notices, thanking friends and loved ones

Obituary notices are part of tradition and should observe customs and practices. Maison Henri de Borniol will prepare and print the obituary notices and thank-you cards. A memorial booklet, containing readings and prayers to honour the life and memory of the deceased, may also be prepared.


Final resting place

Whether the family chooses burial or cremation, Maison Henri de Borniol will handle all the necessary formalities (cemetery, crematorium, etc.). For families choosing cremation, various options are available to either keep or scatter the ashes: columbarium, family vault, individual or collective cremation monuments, urn plot, garden of remembrance, etc. Our Funeral Advisors will gladly answer the family’s questions with all due tact and professionalism.

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