Protocol and planning of major ceremonies

Maison Henri de Borniol boasts unparalleled experience and knowledge of the specific protocol and planning involved in major ceremonies.

Experts of protocol

In July 2018, Jean-Luc Roset, Director of Maison Henri de Borniol, succeeded renowned expert and Protocol Director Patrick Guichot.

Jean-Luc Roset has acquired extensive experience in organising and conducting large-scale funerals and ceremonies.

He is responsible for planning National Commemorative Ceremonies in cooperation with the offices of the President of the Republic, Prime Minister, National Assembly, Institut de France, De Gaulle Foundation, Leclerc Foundation and other government and military institutions.

Perfectly orchestrated in every detail

The teams of Maison Henri de Borniol put every ounce of their expertise and professionalism into organising and conducting ceremonies bearing all the hallmarks of decorum and patriotic pride.

The role of the Protocol Director and his staff is to satisfy each and every requirement communicated by the authority or institution in question. Together, they rigorously plan every detail of the ceremony from start to finish: venue, music and sound, funeral sprays, eulogy speeches, parking, etc. During the ceremony, the Funeral Conductor greets officials and guests, ushering them to their seats, and ensuring that the event runs smoothly.

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