Monuments and headstones

A final resting place should be a reflection of an entire lifetime. This is why Maison Henri de Borniol creates monuments and headstones  designed to inspire remembrance and meditation after burial or cremation.

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Our expertise

A final resting place is a highly symbolic, emotionally-charged setting. For family, friends and loved ones, it will serve as a place of contemplation and remembrance. Solemnity and elegance are essential. Drawing on its extensive experience, Maison Henri de Borniol can provide you with advice and expertise on the selection and creation of a monument that will honour the wishes of the family and the loved one who has passed.

Unique tailored monuments and headstones

Not only do we offer a broad selection of standard models, but we are also prepared to create a unique architectural piece, such as a bespoke monument or chapel. Our design firm is at your disposal to examine and discuss each project, while providing you with a sketch of your design and a real cost estimate.


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Heritage sites

Monuments installed at historic sites such as the Paris Montparnasse, Père-Lachaise or Passy cemeteries are required to meet strict guidelines befitting their architectural heritage. Maison de Borniol creates monuments that respect the spirit of these hallowed grounds. We also have the capability to restore existing monuments to their former glory while staying true to their nature.

High-quality materials

The materials used by Maison Henri de Borniol to create monuments are selected with care: white freestone, granite, etc., mined from the best quarries.

Immaculate inscriptions

The inscription is the centrepiece of the monument. Our engravers take all personalisation requests into careful consideration: calligraphy, symbols and imagery, etc. The engraving can then be executed manually by one of our top craftsmen.

Immaculate maintenance

Maison Henri de Borniol offers upkeep and floral maintenance contracts to ensure that each monument is always kept in perfect condition, reflecting the love and respect for the deceased and the family’s values.

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