Two centuries of excellence

Since 1820, Maison Henri de Borniol has built its history in step with the history of France and its institutions. Drawing on its comprehensive knowledge of protocol and etiquette, Maison Henri de Borniol has become a leading authority for high-ranking individuals and all those who value excellence and tradition.e et à la tradition.

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A unique heritage

As far back as the 19th century, Maison Henri de Borniol was entrusted to arrange funeral services for Marshals of the Empire. Our dedication to tradition has withstood the passage of time.

Great Figures of Politics and History

All the Presidents of the Fifth Republic were guided to their final resting place by Maison Henri de Borniol, from Charles de Gaulle in 1970 to Georges Pompidou in 1974 and François Mitterrand in 1996. Services for other leading historic figures have also been conducted by Maison Henri de Borniol: Maurice Schuman, one of the Fathers of Europe, in 1998, and Lucie Aubrac, Heroine of the French Resistance, in 2007.

Great families of the aristocracy and royal families

Royal families and members of the aristocracy call on Henri de Borniol to arrange funerals for their most noble representatives.

Celebrated figures of Art and Literature

The world of Art and Literature, eager to pay the highest respects to its greatest contributors, has often relied on the expertise of Maison Henri de Borniol.  Such prestigious names include author Françoise Sagan in 2004 and fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent in 2008.

 Maison Henri de Borniol consistently delivers the highest standard of service and excellence, designed to meet the most sophisticated needs of clients. Many families who place a premium on the strict observation of tradition also turn to Henri de Borniol for the assurance of a flawless ceremony.

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