Planning ahead

Planning ahead takes the burden off your family and loved ones when the time comes. It also ensures that your instructions will be followed to the letter. Maison Henri de Borniol will guide you in this process with understanding and discretion.

Funeral insurance options

Funeral costs only

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With the option of specifying some or all of your personal instructions: burial or cremation, civil or religious ceremony, what you would like done with your ashes if you choose cremation.

Funeral costs and arrangements

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With the freedom to choose some or all services and preferences: 
coffin, procession, flowers, post-funeral services, etc.

Honouring your essential wishes

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This policy covers all your personal wishes regarding your funeral: choice of burial or cremation, religious or civil ceremony, choice of burial place, scattering of ashes, style of ceremony, etc.

The policy, taken out with your chosen Henri de Borniol funeral branch, covers everything in the slightest personalized detail.

You are free to make changes over time, for example if there is a change in your personal situation, you have a new instruction to add, etc. This applies not only to the “Volontés Essentielles” policy, but to the Capital Guarantee (“Capital garanti”) policy as well, as payments are made into the plan…

Peace of Mind policy (“Sérénité Totale”): under this plan, the policyholder’s selected funeral services will be paid for in their entirety, even if prices later increase.

When the time comes, the policy simplifies the funeral arrangements for your friends and family. An Henri de Borniol Funeral Advisor will quickly get in touch with them and provide them with the information, advice and guidance they need.

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