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Joining the team at Maison Henri de Borniol means working with men and women combining dedication to quality, unique expertise, compassion and understanding of the family’s needs.

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Maison Henri de Borniol, a member of the OGF Group, not only hires qualified advisors to work with individual families, but also reliable people for its administrative, logistics and support functions.

Training, in-house promotions, geographic mobility: we support our employees throughout their career with the aim of helping them achieve professional fulfilment in accordance with their personal needs and goals.

Interested in joining us and contributing to the development of Maison Henri de Borniol? Set up an appointment with one of our branches, or see our job ads on the OGF website.

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Quality, expertise, discipline, tradition. Each of our employees is an ambassador for the values of Maison Henri de Borniol.

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